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copyright  "Danse Ariège"  2019

Some comments from last year's residential

“… thank-you so much for last week it was truly an incredible experience!”

“ The fully catered aspect was great … made it more of a holiday for me and able to just focus on the course and the people.”

“… a wonderful week of dancing and fun.”

“… (professional) dancing can be so stressful but I came back with a lot more perspective and just felt refreshed. You guys make it special! Don’t change!”

“ Socialising with the tutors is really important, it’s a time to really get to know them and come away with lasting contacts that you can use when you’re back home.”


“ I think the course was good value considering food, accommodation and transport to and from the airport was all included. I think I’d always pay a little extra knowing that everything is taken care of … and I can just focus on my training.”

" The food was really, really great - tasty, healthy, attractive."


“ A weird blend of nature, zen, learning, dancing and partying that I doubt many residencies achieve!”

“ I loved eating together, I think it added something to the workshop which you don’t get in others – a sense of community.”

“ It’s a unique experience because it’s friendly and welcoming – for me this was a great balance between work and play. The environment made me relaxed, you guys made me relaxed and I just really enjoyed myself.”