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copyright  "Danse Ariège"  2019

Course content

Workshop with Lewis Wilkins

This workshop will explore both moving in and out of the floor, and moving in and out of contact with other people in the space. The solo dancing will address movement efficiency and organisation of body structure and weight, in order to find greater freedom of movement, and increase dynamic potential when transitioning between the ground and standing. There will be some strength and skill based inversion training, this will open up possibilities for more acrobatic movement ideas and serve as useful tools for proprioception and safety during the more advanced contact work.









The contact element will play with tasks that draw attention to listening through touch and explore weight exchange using traditional principles and techniques from contact improvisation and martial arts. This tuning in will enrich our physical communication, resulting in a clearer understanding of the intention, direction and energy of a partner. From here we become easily able and available to facilitate harmonious flight, landing and transitions with effortless flow.

Workshop with Rebecca Namgauds

In Becky’s workshop you can expect lots of technical floor work phrases gradually building confidence to move on to your hands and upside down, crossing the space with musicality and speed. Drawing from contemporary dance techniques and elements of Capoeira we will move with flow, weight and momentum, later, threading in our individual movement language through improvisations.











Working across commercial dance to art installation and theatre, Becky’s experience creates a wholesome practice, incorporating physically challenging and disciplined training which later transforms into movement initiated from emotion and staying connected to the music, as well as considering performance.